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Who we are...

A plant based company committed to helping you make conscious choices for you and your family. We’re all about guiding you to create a more fulfilling lifestyle and assisting you to develop a healthy relationship with the food you eat. We think choosing to eat more plant based is definitely a key component to feeling lighter and more energetic. Whether you eat plant based 100% of the time or are just starting out, our plant based creations are perfect for everyone. 

Our vision...

Coco’s was born from the belief that we are here to create positive change in a struggling world. Our primary intention is to empower our community through the offering of healthy, clean, delicious plant based food and drinks. We genuinely feel great about what we offer and believe good nutrition is the cornerstone of feeling fulfilled and loved. 

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Our future...

We love what Coco’s has allowed us to achieve. A healthy work/life balance, a stable income, a supportive community, the ability to experiment with wholesome and healthy foods and share our creations with you all. Life is here to be lived, to enjoy what you love doing, to spend time working on your goals and aspirations, to socialise with friends and family and ultimately to FEEL GOOD! We genuinely feel that as owners of Coco’s we get to experience all that life has to offer and we want to share that with the world. 


What we have started at Coco’s is more than just about us. We want to help other people achieve something great and live the life that they desire to live. We are more than just a food and beverage company. Our real passion lies in helping others to see the light and escape the 9-5 rat race. We want to share our knowledge, skills and experience in business with you all and help you to find the balance you deserve. 


If you’ve ever been thinking that you want to run your own business and have a passion for wholesome plant based food and good quality coffee then get in touch to find out how we can help you create your dream. 


Thank you for reading our story. We look forward to meeting you soon.